Friday, July 19, 2013

We're. Back.

Crank it up GLADIATOR DECORATORS...We're.  Back.

Needless to say, these last two weeks have been BUSY!  You know coming back into it what you're up against.  But somehow, once you add the excitement and adrenaline of seeing everyone back and knowing that first day shooting is right around the corner....well, it's great.  And our prep weeks seem to have gone by quickly.

I hope you've enjoyed the twitter pics as a teaser to me actually getting my butt back into gear to update THE BLOG.  And...finally, I'm here!

Sorta... let's ease into this people.   We've got a new look going on this season AND we're gonna try to keep it rolling with a steady combo of blog and Instagram. 

As we swept through the stage this afternoon making sure everything was back in its place I started think... 
Olivia Pope & Associates never looked better.  What, with it's sparkly, shiny new floors, new coat of paint on a few of the walls, carpets steam cleaned and furniture like brand new.   Just look at that light gleaming through the front doors.  It's a sign people.  I tell you.  It is.  A sign of good things to come. 


First shoot day is up and we are ready to  rock this season out! 

Next week:  ALL of OPA in detail.