Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A New Office Coming Together...

The team is working on an office for the final episode of the season.  Not as exciting as Olivia's bathroom....I know people.  But let's give it a try and start with what we know:

* Traditional office space

And...that's about it.  Well we do know who it's for.  But you...well, we don't want to spoil it for you.  New space.  Lot's of decisions to be made and lots of shopping because we're starting from scratch.  Let's do this one in Scandal Pace: 

The Production Designer decides on carpet:

A few minutes later she brings in a first round of wall color ideas:

What would you choose for blinds in a traditional office?  Wood?  Yes.  2 inch?  Yes.  Dark or light?  We considered the super traditional Coffee colored blinds.  But why not go with...

Yes, you guessed it, we have again selected our favorite Smokey Grey.  But this time it's a wood blind which gives it a completely different feeling.  All of the other woods in the room will be dark so a lighter shade will feel like a nice contrast everyone decides.  Can't seem to go wrong with a nice Smokey Grey blind.  Ok...I hear you, no more about blinds.  Scandal Pace...

Armed with that much info, we can all agree on the furniture that's been spotted across town.  Fast forward to this afternoon and we get word from the crew that a few pieces have arrived on the lot....Hold on, gotta walk over and take a look:

Now that we eye the actual furniture pieces in person, the Production Designer can really hone in on the paint colors.  She gets a paint presentation from our beloved Painter Michael who has done two samples.  He shows them along with a wood shelf from the furniture. 

There is a subtle difference between the two color boards when you look at them here, but the concern is that on camera the difference could be more significant.  See it?  The one on the left is bluer, darker...the one on the right a little lighter, silvery.  We all weigh in. By the way, we love that we can all participate in the process sometimes.  This is after all, a teaching hospital people...or, that's a different Shondaland show.  Anywho...back to Scandal Pace...Beloved PD patiently listens to us mumble about light reflection, darkness, the green chairs we've picked, blah, blah, blah and then chooses her color.
While he has a captive audience, Michael selects a matching wood tone sample to use to paint the trim.  And with that, he's off and running.  He knows what his crew needs to do now to make those walls, doors and trim come to life.

The Set Dec crew is off and running too.  All of the main elements (furniture, etc.) are chosen. The next 2 days will be spent looking for:

1) Great nic naks for the desk and bookcases: What is this character like?  Would they have playful things in their office or is it all about work?  Do they have hobbies, like sport teams, etc?  What types of books should there be in the bookcase?  Should they be all work related or would some personal favs make the cut as well? 

2) Lamps: First choices are brass lamps.  Traditional but maybe something with character?   Maybe something with colored glass - like those green glass banker lamps for the desk?

3) Accessories: Would they use fancy high end items?  Maybe a leather desk blotter?  A calendar?  Your run of the mill items like stapler, tape dispenser, phone, in box/paperwork tray, pen set, paperweight, folders, etc. - plain and office supply-ish or fancy?  Or even fun and colorful?

4) Art: Do they have their diplomas or other certificates on the wall from whatever school the writers say they're from?  If so, the Art Dept. will create and print those for us.  Need art pieces that either reflect their personality or are they just an office building generic art kinda person who hasn't personalized?  Do they have any pictures of themselves either personal or work related in the office?

5) Drapes:  Can we use ready made drapes to save time and money and better fit the budget?  Are the windows too tall for anything we'll find in the store?  Should we just go with custom made so we'll get exactly what we want?  The decision:  Went and measured and the height works for ready mades so we'll look around first. Perhaps a little Restoration Hardware...

Questions.  Decisions.  Shopping.

Well, this was the Evelyn Wood Speed Readers version of pulling together just one of the 20 sets we'll have worked on for this episode.  Sorry, but you'll just have to wait til the finale airs to see anything more about this office!  

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gladiator Decorators: Get your wardrobe "Poped" too...

Get Your Gladiator Style with ABC’s Scandal and Get This

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Here is the link:

Olivia Gets A New Bathroom

Well Liv's new space is a beautiful tranquil bathroom.  These are some behind the scenes sneak peek shots.  You'll see the final, fully dressed version in Episode 22X (sorry not gonna tell ya!) so be on the lookout!

It's tough for a girl to find something she can blog about right now.  But we got special clearance from the boss lady herself to show you these pictures.  We are, afterall, in super secret finale mode around here!  Nothing gets out!  We don't want to spoil it for you.  Ms. Rhimes thought it was just fine to show you Olivia's little remodel.  We decided that it doesn't spoil anything for you...except now you have proof that even Olivia Pope has a toilet, sink and shower... 

And...that they're pretty:

The view from the bedroom...The colors seem to flow seamlessly from one room to the next.  Vintage feeling tile.  Serene art and a little nook for dressing or moisturizing...under a gorgeous window.  The toilet has its own little space off to the side.

Hope you've enjoyed this little snoop around Olivia's.  A little last minute prep went on after these pics were taken and the camera rolled.  I'm as excited as you to see it all come together on screen for the first time...Shhhh...

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Livvie's Upgrade...

Well now...  I LOVE that this conversation has been such a big topic.  So let's just jump right in and take a look.  No.  Wait...

I feel like I need to say DO NOT SLEEP WITH THESE PICTURES.  I, of course, love all of our Gladiator Decorators on Twitter so I'm not calling anyone out...(But those of you with ink on your face know who you are).  Ok.  That is all. 

There has been MUCH discussion about the new configuration.  Excellent eyes and theories.

I think the floorplan is the easiest way to get a clear idea of Jake's surveillance layout....errrr....I mean, Olivia's season two layout.  This is a very early version that has some preliminary furniture layouts sketched in for space planning. 


*** Yes, you are all correct!  Liv had some work done.  Her original condo was shot on location - those of you who guessed that were right as well.  And really, it was all that she needed at the time.  Think about it.  The now famous "One Minute" moment defines the living room space in your heads.  Later, Olivia tells Stephen that Amanda Tanner is pregnant in her kitchen.  Abby also had her flashback baking frenzy in Olivia's kitchen (remember that?).  That's only a couple scenes and 2 rooms in all of season one.

*** Season Two:  Once we knew her home life would be a much bigger part of the story, the decision was made to build her condo on a stage where we could expand her spaces for future storyline development. 

*** The expansion included moving the piano back into its own little room which also made space for a full entry way and the addition of Olivia's bedroom. 

*** Even now, the expansion continues as the storylines evolve.  A new space was developed just recently for one of the final four episodes of the season.  You online fans will be the first to see the new space - before it airs.

Ok. Let's transition from the layout to the actual space. 



The anchor of these three main rooms is the custom made couch by Cisco in a neutral linen.  The dining space is an eclectic mix of textures - the fabric and cane back chairs with dark wood, a contrasting soft end chair in pale grey wool and a dark chunky wood table and console.  We added a pretty bone inlaid mirror over the console again with a little bit of that grey.   There are more neutral accents around the living room, on the bookcases and of course the beautiful ivory wooden wing sculpture on the piano.

Liv is styled but still keeping it real.  She comes home and puts on fabulous lounge wear and works on her laptop in front of the TV while eating popcorn and drinking wine.  She has traveled and is well read and therefore has interesting books, pictures and little items she's collected over the years on her tables and bookshelves just like we do.

A little tid bit about these two pics...they were shot when Liv had a house guest on her couch (see the pillows on the coffee table?) Anyone remember who that may have been? 


We pulled in some color with the fabulous teal blue chair, throw pillows, the drapes and few accessories to match.
The coffee, end tables and the entry table are also a little bit of bling in the space.  A little shine, a little glitz, a little glamour.


 I don't think you've ever clearly seen this space on camera... a glimpse down the hall to the bedroom.

 Many of you have told me that you are going to "Pope" your places this summer.  We LOVE that.   Gladiate your remodels.  Get to it!  Next up - Olivia's newest remodel project. 

*** In case you missed it - check out the People Magazine article with Scandal's Production Designer Corey Kaplan:,,20690544,00.html

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Abby's Bedroom...Ya, I know you've forgotten...

Remember when David and Abby were actually in a BED????  I know, I know...but yes, there was at least one instance of a bed being involved.  This came back to me when I got this question from The Twitterverse:

Do you want the good news or the bad news first @Scandal OPsessed?  The good news is we own this headboard.  The bad news...we own this headboard.  It actually comes from a stock of furniture we inherited at some point.  Inherited = no info on where it came from.  Apologies.

There is a little story to tell here though.  We actually started out stumped on what the right bed for Abby might be.  In fact, we at first zeroed in on a white, four poster look.  We were on a completely different track for her...until we learned more about her character from the writers and received details on how the Director and DP wanted to shoot the scenes.  Tall four poster was now potentially in the way of the shot.  While decor is important, in the end it IS all about the end result.  It's the give and take.

Result?  We did a complete 180 - The Decorator chose this headboard and we turned to pieces from West Elm to anchor the main furniture and accessories.  To match the dialogue where David refers to the number of pillows on Abby's bed, we added an abundance of throw pillows to the Bloomingdales bedding.  Finally, a few rental items and personal effects rounded out the mix.   Abby...remember you DO have a bed girl...

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Twitter Question

  Miss Annette...your description isn't quite specific enough....I mean, WOW!  Great eye on this one! 

Twitter Gladiators are killing it with your attention to detail and sense of style!  LOVE it. 

This Nancy Crawford piece is called Orange Trees.  We don't own most of the art you see on the show.  We typically rent art from art/prop houses for each episode.  Once we knew we loved this piece (and a few others) and that we'd be using it in Olivia's it made more sense to negotiate with the rental house and buy it.  Try looking online for this and more of the Crawford works.