Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Do You Have An Appointment?

Up this week are the BTS details of the Pope & Associate Entry and front hall in our 2nd installment of the OPA Summer BTS Series.

Let's start at the elevators.  I LOVE old sliding glass door elevators.  Do I love riding in them for real?  NO.  But boy are they amazing looking.  Seldom seen on camera, you can see how the Production Designer detailed the interior and exterior metal work to give it that great age and feel of the old building the office is set in.

From the elevators you move into the entry hall.  The double glass doors at the end of the hall (on the left) lead out to the elevator.  How many times have Harrison, Quinn or Huck stopped David (or some other bullish client) at these doors?   This is the area where we saw the team hold David off when he came to arrest Sully St James and of course, where Quinn gave Harrison a dollar to represent her when David came calling for her as well.  

Wait.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, you better ask somebody.   Or get your netflix account together.  OK.
Large, vintage light fixtures line the ceilings and old sconces hang on the walls.  Tall, wide moldings and the look of polished concrete floors are the details that you never really notice but all come together to make it feel like the old, dark, mysterious building it is supposed to be.   

Moving down to the sitting area:  The comfy black leather chesterfield sofa, an old trunk and bankers chairs sum up the eclectic feel of the furniture.  In the background there are bookcases full of law books, printers on the tables, boxes of paperwork and you can even spot an occasional security camera hanging in the corners.
And now some fun...the kitchenette.  Now, the point is that these guys gladiate all day and night.  They're sharing deodorant after long nights in the office and David even brushed his teeth in this kitchen sink - much to Harrison's disgust.  Let's see what we really have going on over there....
Coffee mugs and tea.  Quite a variety of tea and only a little coffee.  We also have some bowls, plates, wine glasses and oh wait...more tea.  On the top shelf are containers of snacky things...random stuff,  like cereal and chex mix.  Stuff that looks nondescript on camera will fill the space nicely.  They have fancy coffee makers and even stuff to wash their dishes with.  (Do you think they have a sign up board for whose turn it is to keep the kitchen clean??? I bet Huck never has to do it.)  Sometimes a bowl of apples appears on the shelves below and pretty blue bottles of fancy water and plastic lunch containers fill the fridge.  AS IF someone there might really bring in tupperware you're saying...whatever, I hear's there anyway.  It's a cute little deco area that serves them well in their long daily grind. 

And with that, we've completed our tour of the Pope & Associates entry and main hall.  Please leave your 3D glasses in the recycle bins on your way out and parking tickets may be validated with purchase at the gift shop.  Bye now. 



  1. It's beautiful, I really love the decor. Can you all come and redo my apartment? Beautifully decorated buildings/homes/lawns and architecture is my thing. Please do not show where the door opens to the trailers or whatever they are called, the parking lot, whatever. Messes with my decor illusion buzz.

  2. Thanks for sharing!

  3. OH YES! Love it so classy. I can't WAIT for oct 3th. Come on Olivia and associates, My baby Fitz, Cy, James and Charlie. Leave Mellie and Jake out of this conversation. Not a Fan!!