Monday, September 23, 2013

Huckleberry Quinn Headquarters

Well...let's see if we can snag a little time this week to get caught up on our OPA tour!   The scripts are revving up in intensity and the department is challenged each day to stay on their toes.  Our fearless leader Madame Set Decorator does an excellent job of keeping it all flowing...but we are busy!   We can't WAIT til you can see what we have in store for you this season!!!

OK...While I have some time today, let's do a power walk so we can cover a lot of ground at once.

HUCK:  Up first - Huck's humble offerings 

Huck's a simple man...just needs a few hundred pieces of computing equipment to be able to hack into any sort of situation that arises.  Steel tanker desks and steel racks full of electronics match the "cold" and all business, all the time dude we've come to know and love.  (Ok, I never use the word dude...but I couldn't figure out what to say instead of saying Huck again)

On the far wall against the windows, Huck has a little green thumb project going on.  Only he doesn't grow things like normal people grow things.  He has made an elaborate system that self waters by drawing moisture up tubes into individual hanging planters.  Way to recycle those plastic water bottles Huck!

Sometimes, he needs some tools.  These come and go as needed of course.

 And everyone needs their own server racks.  Duh.  (Mine are hidden in my hall closet...I've had problems with my house guests fiddling with my special settings)

No art, pretty much just an electronic cave with blinking lights and machine whirring magic.  Next to the server racks is Huck's - and Baby Huck's - super spy computer setup.  Dual screens, speakers, know, your average stuff is all there.  (Because one computer on your desk in the corner just isn't enough for a B613 alum).  I'm realizing that none of this looks all that magical here without the lights and screen shimmer going on.  But here's another little secret for you...the little wall piece directly behind those monitors...spends more time out than in.  It's one of those wildable walls I showed you (back in Liv's office).  It might be a little extra work for the crew, but it makes for some amazing shots of Huck working on his computer.   THAT's where the magic comes in.  

QUINN:  The Girl Next Door...literally

In sharp contrast to her office neighbor Huck, Quinn is in a nice, wood furnished, warmer and decidely more homey office.  Like her personality, we get a pop of color with the guest chairs (Anyone know who these are a reproduction of?) and even from the stained glass window panel hanging behind her Knoll desk as art.  You know, sometimes those online resale sites can really work out when you're searching for odd items. On either side of her window Quinn has weighty, tall bookcases filled with law books and her paperwork.  She's in a smart, but casual space with just a little more personality to it than her mentor next door.

She gained some space when Harrison moved over to The Big Office so there's the comfy couch she was excited to add...but other than that...still pretty neutral and functional.   Antique frosted glass sconces, large round pendant lights and some DC art finish off her space.


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