Friday, September 27, 2013

The Socialites of the Office... we're taking a walk over to Abby and Harrison's stomping grounds.  Let's dive right in.

ABBY:  The Girl Has Personality and So Does Her Office

Abby's office is full of Abby spiciness...(is that a word? it is.)  A great shade of orange...bright, hot, but comfortable.  She has a large commanding desk area.  The desk, credenza and side chairs have a danish modern flavor.  In fact, her office is the only space in OPA with light wood furniture...everyone else has heavier, darker pieces.  Her walls are textured plaster with a lovely rusty orange patch directly behind her desk for some depth.

The lively patterned rug adds some pale green/blue and continues more shades of orange.   The art adds some small doses of blues, greens and bright yellow to the mix. 

Can we talk about the chairs please?

That's all I needed to say.  A great retro pattern gives these all the character they need to anchor this side of the room.   Some gold accents in the desk and table lamp and a little bronze in the bookshelf keeps the metals warm along with the fabrics.  Her bookshelf is full of secret fun reading material and just a few nic nacs to keep a clean, uncluttered look.  Secret sidenote:  Anyone notice the amazing pattern at the top of all the OPA windows?  That, my friends, is peel and stick magic.  This is special tv magic stuff but you too could have a similiar look just by cruising your large home improvement store and finding the same thing.  I added some of this to my bathroom windows for privacy!  Don't everyone go crazy now...use in moderation.  Ok...that's all for Miss Abby.

Now let's cross the threshold into her neighbor's office...

HARRISON:  In the Big Office

There hasn't been a huge push to make this office completely different from the Stephen days.  Yet, there have been some subtle Harrison nuances added in to convey the changing of the guard.
Why?  Well no one is dissing Stephen's departure.  And really, this space was kind of a perfect move for Harrison.

Harrison sits behind a stately dark wood executive desk with matching chunky credenzas behind.  To break up the wood there's a little bit of shine with the metal and leather guest chairs and a green glass bankers lamp.  Added is a patina metal shelving unit with some great accessories, books and storage containers.  He's not a guy with a lot of papers stacked around him.  He's got it all clean and pulled together - kinda like his wardrobe.  Hello.

Pause.  Let's all have a moment of silence on that.

 Ok.  Carry on.   Carry on.
The other side of this room has the clean lines of the red leather sofa and armchair that he's kept from Stephen's days.  And really, it's hard to think of it as not being Harrison.  It's so much like his slick, pop of color shirts and expensive leather shoes kinda furniture that he needed to keep it.  The black smoked glass coffee and end table are devoid of clutter and sharp against the neutral rug.  All of the associates have those amazing frosted glass pendant lights overhead add to the character of the office. 

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