Friday, October 11, 2013

Shopping for Jeannine

The Department Store where Olivia and Quinn take Jeannine to get interview ready was one of our biggest sets in Episode 302.  And yet, it went by so fast. say?  Such is the life of a set we say.  We often don't know whether a set will ultimately become a featured moment or a cut moment or a shuttertone fast paced photoburst moment once it hits the editing room.  We treat all the sets the same.
This set was done on location in a space that was pretty close to being bare.  Truth be told, our heads kind of exploded when we saw the space for the first time.  BUT every episode presents its challenges and we have to move at Scandal Pace through them so there is no time for whining.  We hunted down some upscale mannequins, shoe, accessory and jewelry display fixtures.  The Decorator chose pieces that gave it a very exclusive boutique feel rather than mainstream department store display items.  The clothing and accessories on display include some items our department rented as well as some key items brought in by the fab team over in Costumes.  Collaboration is key.

There are large gold and crystal torchieres for lighting.  A comfy seating area with plush rugs and a few plants give the space some life and comfort.  There's even a grand piano in the background space by the stairs.  My personal fave piece is the huge framed mirror sections that create the fitting area where the women of OPA do their work on Jeannine.  (Can we all get these installed at home?) 

So yes, this set flew by on the screen.  But in the end, we have to do as much work as necessary to give the director and the actors what they need to feel they're in the right space.  It has to feel like they're inside the script...a little Alice in Wonderland if you will.  In this case - it's Olivia in Shondaland.

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  1. Really beautiful set. Had a very real feel to it. Great job, as always!