Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Bunker...Under Attack

So.  The bunker. 

It feels like this bunker is the most talked about space in Episode 301...and it certainly wasn't because of what I'm sharing here!  You could feel every single word and every single beat of silence in that room.  The air was thick with tension and emotions.  And my goodness - I thought Mellie was gonna start levitating and casting spells at one point.  I get it Mels.  You're tired...and I FELT that girl.  I felt that.

Ok focus.  Not much to say about the bunker but y'all were excited by it so we're happy to share.  So exactly what is this space?

Sterile looking cement and steel bunker.  Everything in the room is military.  A tanker conference table, clear plexi rolling boards for maps and other info, monitors to watch feeds, conference phone equipment on the table and a little cold and utilitarian (but still edgy) seating at the far end.  Government issue.  Secure.  Underground.  Think about where the prez and his peeps are ushered off to quickly so they can continue running things in safety while the world above them is under attack.  That is the premise of the bunker.  We realize the parallels when Olivia says: "We're already under attack."

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