Friday, October 4, 2013

The Jackie O Room...

We all LOVED how Director/Producer Tom Verica and Director of Photography Oliver Bokelberg shot the scene of Mellie eating chocolate under the Jackie O portrait in Episode 301!  Just brilliant. 

Many of you have asked about the space and the picture... so here it is.  In brilliant color:

The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis portrait was scripted.   It was specifically asked that Mellie be sitting under Jackie while shoveling that candy into her mouth.  A poignant moment for her.  We found several different shots and submitted them to Verica for approval.  This is the iconic one he chose. 

 When we do art like this that can't be rented, we have to first find the image from a clearable source (meaning we are legally clear to use the image on tv).  Once we have the file, we have to get it printed on a canvas like material to the dimensions needed.  Sometimes we can print art in house on our own fancy oversize printer.  Sometimes the work goes out to vendors.  Once printed, it's then taken to an artist who can add the look of an old painting.  They can add a coating over the top that adds brush strokes so it looks as if it's been painted by hand.  They can brush on a coloring to make it feel darkened with age and can even give it that crackled, flaking look that many of the White House art pieces have.  Once we get them back from the artist we take them to be framed.  It's a process.  But in many cases we only have two days or so to turn these around!  We work with great vendors who understand our Scandal Pace and come through for us!  We had no idea how the scene was going to be shot ultimately but were really excited to see the amazing results.

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