Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I always thought I was Harrison in this situation...Turns out I'm Quinn

Well...they came to me...

I mean, not in a dream or anything crazy like that.  They made an appointment and came to the Art Department.

They came to me and said "Do you want to be a Gladiator in a suit?"

And I said...welllllll.....uuhhhm...love to.....but... maybe in a few months when I don't have so much to do?

Now people...I am no stranger to these Gladiator ways.  I am no stranger to these Pope tactics.   I am however, underneath it all still an excited Gladiator hard at work each day in Shondaland.

So as I sat there, I could hear our fearless leader Merri saying to me the day before, "Do they know how much work you do already?!?!"  (Always making sure we're ok in the trenches.)  But her voice was quickly drowned out by the Gladiator chant I hear roaring thru Twitter each and every day...So loud.  So excited.  So invested.  So appreciative. 

And then...I realized, I must have mumbled the words  "Sure. I'd love to do it." 
So here we are!

This is a place created for those of you who are inspired by Olivia's bed, a piece of art, a wall color or even for those of you who have asked "How does it all come together?"  Sets will rise before your eyes...ok I'm being all dramatic now...so I'll just leave it at that. 

Let the Gladiating begin...