Thursday, March 28, 2013

Moving In...

The 24hr transformation of a reoccurring set.  This time...we're in Cyrus and James' bedroom.

A peek in the window this time yesterday looked like moving day. Since this set doesn't shoot every episode we have to pull it apart and store everything when not in use.  The bed gets taken apart, all the little accessories boxed up, bedding put away...and then just as quickly we need to restore it to its camera beauty.  The nice thing about these reoccurring sets is we have every major item shopped and all ready to go.  When they go back up we only need to make small changes here and there to accommodate the story or the director's needs.  This time we made some tiny changes just to keep up with the fact that time has passed in the story.  We also made some changes for purely aesthetic reasons - things that for one reason or another didn't seem to read well on camera got changed out or removed.  Because there is passage of time with these sets, we can imagine that the homeowner would have made those changes over time just as we do in real life! 
In the end, the crew cranked it out as usual..All dressed in and shooting right now!


  1. Loving these behind the scenes photos...keep em coming!

  2. I love hearing about the day to day set stuff!! Thabks for sharing!!