Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood...

A short while ago I tweeted about the team choosing these smokey grey blinds for an upcoming set... and WHO KNEW that you'd get that excited about what these blinds were for!  


Lo and behold, I found a way to show you these blinds:

Clearly you're not as excited about the blinds as we are.  We can hear you. 
You're wondering "What is going on behind those beautiful smokey grey 2 inch blinds?!?"
Well people, right outside that room is this...

SO more importantly, what is going on HERE?
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood isn't it?

This conjures up all sorts of questions but ultimately brings us to a great one asked many times this week:  
 "How do we see the "outdoors" through the windows on the sets?"

Depending on whether the scene is supposed to be day or night and what they'd like to see through the windows, a combination of backdrops (as you see above), shrubbery, plants, alterations to the windows and lighting can create exactly what's needed.

Here's another view that helps it all make sense.  In this case, there are some bushes and "trees" closer to the windows and then the backdrop behind them.  The end section of the set is open...but we won't see it like that on camera of course.

Here's one last look at the backdrop magic in all its glory.  It all comes together to help make our decor inside the space come to life as much as possible for you! 

Thanks for the question! 

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