Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A new bedroom for Episode 219

SO...the million dollar question we get on twitter is: "What do you guys DO each day?"
(Well no, the million dollar question we get is "WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH OLIVIA AND FITZ?!?!"...but that's not getting answered here people...gotta watch the show for that magic to happen)

Let's just start with what's happening today.
This morning we've got a few things rolling for Episode 219. 

1) First up:  Pull some set dressing for a house we're dressing today and tomorrow.  We take a walk down to our lovely Gold Room area to see if we can find some kitchen items, lamps, vases, electronics and maybe a few other pretty things to go on the tables and bookcases. 

We can't always pull everything we need from downstairs... but today, for this set, we get lucky.  The crew will take what we've picked and meet us at the location after lunch.  On to the next set for now.

2)  In addition to the house, we have to start dressing a young woman's bedroom set that shoots tomorrow.  Sometimes we can finish on the first pass.  Other times, you see the items in the space and just know you need to add or make changes.  Let's see how today goes.

OK - So here's what we started with:  Our wall o'crazy...some plans, some colors, some samples...whatever inspires... (and no, you won't find any clue on these either that will tell you whether it's an Olitz world or an Olivia/Jake world...just sayin'...)

Our writers have provided us with a description of the character - her age, what she does for a living and of course what's happening in the scene is in the script.  The next layer comes from what the director envisions and the set design itself.  Last but not least, it's all neatly tied to a little thing called a budget. (So shopaholics...this isn't for you...)

For this set we were able to shop many of the items from our off site warehouse space.  The crew brought it over to the lot yesterday morning.  After re-assessing what we had so far, we still needed to rent a few key pieces.  Those were shopped and they arrived yesterday afternoon.

In the mean time, One of those paper drawings on our wall o'crazy has turned into a little set with walls on stage...

 ...and this is where we come into the picture today.


Today we move in furniture, art and other possible decor choices.

The crew starts to rough in the furniture placement.

The ladder?...Our crew works along side many other talented crews working on the finishing touches.  Today, they're cleaning up the wallpaper, painting the door and window trim, installing door name it.  We're all working together to get the set ready on time. 

We move on to getting the window treatments and bedding steamed and in place.  

The decorator eyes these sconces and decides they would be better in white for this character:

The painters jump on it...  

So now, we're here.

With the furniture and bedding roughed in the crew waits to see what direction the decorator would like to go in to finish the space.

The decision:  we need to add a little more shopping to the list today....which means....this dress is....

TO BE CONTINUED.....Stay tuned for the end results!