Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Olivia Gets A New Bathroom

Well Liv's new space is a beautiful tranquil bathroom.  These are some behind the scenes sneak peek shots.  You'll see the final, fully dressed version in Episode 22X (sorry not gonna tell ya!) so be on the lookout!

It's tough for a girl to find something she can blog about right now.  But we got special clearance from the boss lady herself to show you these pictures.  We are, afterall, in super secret finale mode around here!  Nothing gets out!  We don't want to spoil it for you.  Ms. Rhimes thought it was just fine to show you Olivia's little remodel.  We decided that it doesn't spoil anything for you...except now you have proof that even Olivia Pope has a toilet, sink and shower... 

And...that they're pretty:

The view from the bedroom...The colors seem to flow seamlessly from one room to the next.  Vintage feeling tile.  Serene art and a little nook for dressing or moisturizing...under a gorgeous window.  The toilet has its own little space off to the side.

Hope you've enjoyed this little snoop around Olivia's.  A little last minute prep went on after these pics were taken and the camera rolled.  I'm as excited as you to see it all come together on screen for the first time...Shhhh...


  1. Beautiful tile work on the walls and the floor! Very nice and cozy bathroom :)

  2. Love this! I am always so impressed at how much work goes into creating the details of a character's life - even down to the commode! ;)

    Fabulous work as usual!

  3. Omg that is my dream shower... thank u so much for sharing... you all are just the beat I awear

  4. Beautiful, love the colors and decor.

  5. I love that shower....Do you all get your ideas from magazines. Or is based it on how you feel the character is portrayed?

    1. The Production Designer is charged with designing sets that both look great and function well, but yes, also to fall within the show creator's vision of the characters. A character's "personality", lifestyle, income, location...all those things play into both the design and the decor. The look of this show is somewhat specific so that factors into the choices as well. Both the Prod. Designer and the Set Decorator often use reference pictures that inspire their work - magazines, internet research, white house historical books, books from certain designers they like, a piece of tile or a scrap of fabric, a vision that came them that they sketched out on a napkin - you name it. Whatever inspires! Creativity flows around here!

  6. I love the chair right next to the towel rack, gives a additional dramatic mood. and is very useful actually not everyone had the idea putting a chair in the bathroom and it makes a more excellent interior design.