Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Twitter Question

  Miss Annette...your description isn't quite specific enough....I mean, WOW!  Great eye on this one! 

Twitter Gladiators are killing it with your attention to detail and sense of style!  LOVE it. 

This Nancy Crawford piece is called Orange Trees.  We don't own most of the art you see on the show.  We typically rent art from art/prop houses for each episode.  Once we knew we loved this piece (and a few others) and that we'd be using it in Olivia's it made more sense to negotiate with the rental house and buy it.  Try looking online for this and more of the Crawford works. 


  1. Still trying to track down the artist. Apparently there are several artists named Nancy Crawford. Those I contacted don't know the piece. Do you have the original or a print?

  2. I have also searched but had no luck...also, can you tell us about the huge art in Olivia's office?

  3. Is the painting behind Olivia's desk also a Nancy Crawford piece, or is it a Lisa Ridgers?