Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gladiator Decorators: Get your wardrobe "Poped" too...

Get Your Gladiator Style with ABC’s Scandal and Get This

Every Scandal fan wants to look as good as Olivia Pope and, well, it’s handled. Now you can get your own gladiator style inspired by ABC’s Scandal with the help of Get This.

Start by downloading the new Get This iOS app and using it while you’re watching Scandal every THURSDAY.  With the app, you’ll not only get to find out who some of your favorite gladiators are wearing, but you’ll also have the chance to buy some of the same apparel you see in each episode! And you can keep building your own scandalous wardrobe any time by shopping for looks inspired by the show either in the app or on the Get This website.

Here is the link:

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