Sunday, April 7, 2013

Abby's Bedroom...Ya, I know you've forgotten...

Remember when David and Abby were actually in a BED????  I know, I know...but yes, there was at least one instance of a bed being involved.  This came back to me when I got this question from The Twitterverse:

Do you want the good news or the bad news first @Scandal OPsessed?  The good news is we own this headboard.  The bad news...we own this headboard.  It actually comes from a stock of furniture we inherited at some point.  Inherited = no info on where it came from.  Apologies.

There is a little story to tell here though.  We actually started out stumped on what the right bed for Abby might be.  In fact, we at first zeroed in on a white, four poster look.  We were on a completely different track for her...until we learned more about her character from the writers and received details on how the Director and DP wanted to shoot the scenes.  Tall four poster was now potentially in the way of the shot.  While decor is important, in the end it IS all about the end result.  It's the give and take.

Result?  We did a complete 180 - The Decorator chose this headboard and we turned to pieces from West Elm to anchor the main furniture and accessories.  To match the dialogue where David refers to the number of pillows on Abby's bed, we added an abundance of throw pillows to the Bloomingdales bedding.  Finally, a few rental items and personal effects rounded out the mix.   Abby...remember you DO have a bed girl...


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